We Remove Tax Levies

In our experience, nothing can be more financially or emotionally crippling than having your accounts receivable or bank accounts frozen due to a government issued levy. Because Clear Creek has successfully lifted several hundred levies for our clients who hired us when a levy was attached to their bank accounts, we can assure you with near absolute certitude that we will get your levy released too, and get the levied funds back under your control.

Furthermore, once you are under Clear Creek’s management, the fear of being levied again should not be a concern. We take great pride in putting a strategy in place to protect our clients from being levied in the future. With Clear Creek on your side, you will be given this same protection.

We get levies released

Clear Creek knows how to release levies. With our time tested levy removal processes and proven techniques for preventing future levy action against you or your business, trust Clear Creek to remove a levy so that you can manage your personal or business cash flow on your terms, not theirs. We know from removing hundreds of levies that it is imperative to take immediate action and we will do this for you, too.

If you are experiencing a levy on the day we are hired, you need to know that we will begin moving on your behalf immediately so that funds are returned to you in the quickest manner possible. We act immediately so your employees get paychecks, your bills get paid, and you can sleep at night. We know what is at stake and with so much at risk, we will not rest until your levy is released, and a resolution to this cash flow crisis is being put forth.