We Specialize in Tax Debt Reduction

Clear Creek specializes in tax debt reduction. This is our firm’s core competence. Depending on your financial condition and the circumstances specific to your issue, we will consult you on how we will maximize your tax debt reduction.

Reducing a tax debt begins with understanding the issues involved, making sure the tax assessment is accurate, and protecting your assets while we work to maximize your penalty, interest and possibly tax, reductions. We are also aware of the stress that a tax debt can have on you, your business and your family. For this reason, we go to work for you on the day we are hired, and we will not rest until we have maximized your tax debt reduction and delivered to you the results that you desire.

We get you the tax debt reduction you need

Depending on the type of tax, the penalties and interest can eventually add up to a significant amount of your overall tax liability. For most of our clients we are hired to abate the penalties and its associated interest from the tax liability by submitting and negotiating a Penalty Abatement Narrative. In the last few years alone Clear Creek has successfully submitted and negotiated several hundred Penalty Abatements, and saved our clients millions of dollars in tax reductions. From our successes, we continue to refine and perfect several techniques that have proven over and over that we know how to maximize penalty and interest relief for our clients.

Other tax reductions stem from removing arbitrary tax assessments for our clients. If you have been arbitrarily assessed a tax because your tax returns have yet to be filed, we will assist you in filing these returns and ensure that the arbitrarily assessed tax is reduced to what the tax should be. In hundreds of instances, we have removed thousands of dollars from our client’s tax obligations by simply bringing our clients into tax compliance. Of course, through this process, we protect our clients from having their accounts being levied.

Reducing a tax liability can also take the form of paying off the Trust Fund portion of the tax to avoid additional penalties and interest from accruing. Again, depending on your unique situation, we will discuss with you how this strategy may be best for you while we move to submit a Penalty Abatement Narrative and formalize an Installment Agreement on your behalf.

If your condition warrants, you may qualify for an Offer in Compromise which can significantly reduce your overall liability and help you settle your tax debt for ‘pennies on the dollar.’ This resolution strategy has proven invaluable for many of our clients.

In other situations, we have effectively eliminated millions of dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest by restructuring some of our client’s businesses.

Clear Creek will protect your assets while we employ one or more of these strategies designed to not only eliminate great portions of your tax debt, but to also make the reduced tax debt extremely manageable.