Case Studies

Recent Abatement Success Stories

Once we negotiated one convenient and affordable Installment Agreement for a holding company that owned and operated nine entities that had fallen behind. The associate assigned to this case negotiated the full refund of $170,000 for all penalties and associated interest for this client. While the associate was managing this case, it was imperative that the State of Georgia not file any tax liens against our client which we were able to prevent, in addition to negotiating an affordable State Installment Agreement for the balance owed to this taxing authority.

Creative Settlements

A protective coatings distributor located in St. Louis, Missouri hired Clear Creek to manage a $180,000 liability owed to the IRS. After much consultation, it was agreed that the best course of action was to reorganize this business. With the IRS agreeing to this resolution strategy, the associate assigned to this case negotiated a Certificate of Discharge in the amount of $1,500 which saved our client $178,500.

Negotiating Levy Releases

A New York daycare had been suffering through a two month business crippling account receivable levy collecting ALL of the daycare’s state reimbursable funding, totaling approximately $180,000 per month. Within days of Clear Creek’s representation, the levy was released and the full amount of the liability has now been negotiated into an uncollectible status giving the business sufficient time to rehabilitate.

Offering Committed Protection

A courier business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa hired Clear Creek to protect him from losing his home to the Internal Revenue Service after he lost almost everything to his former business partner. The associate assigned to this case initially negotiated for our client to be put in Status 53 so as to protect him from enforced collection while we analyzed the business and uncovered which resolution strategy would be best for our client. At issue was the fact that our client is a disabled veteran who had significant equity in his home, but if refinanced, he would not be able to make the new mortgage payments and would have consequently had to move. In the end we submitted and negotiated an Offer in Compromise for $1,875 on a total liability of $75,000 and our client was able to keep his home and the equity in it.

Protecting Business from Forced Closure

Within weeks of initial representation, the Clear Creek associate successfully negotiated for the renewal of a revoked California State Farm Labor Contractor’s License even though this produce packing company owed in excess of $1.2 million in agricultural taxes. The associate also structured and negotiated an affordable Seasonal Installment Agreement that will enable the company to remain in business and address this liability over the next several years.

Recent Formalized Installment Agreements

Previous to our engagement, a Hawaii concrete company hired another firm to manage a nagging tax issue; however, this firm was unable to resolve any portion of the outstanding tax issues. The taxpayer decided to handle this issue herself, and established a payment plan with the State. The Internal Revenue Service asserted themselves as a priority claim, and threatened closure of the business unless a payment plan could be reached. Now in need of immediate assistance, she hired Clear Creek. Once retained, we negotiated for the abatement of penalties on the State liability, and renegotiated the State payment plan to accommodate a Tiered Installment Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service. The aggressive Revenue Officer, happy to see immediate progress on the file, instantly agreed to the proposal, and is currently recommending its formalization. Now the client is free from enforced collection, and is making affordable monthly payments in accordance with the company’s pro forma financial condition.