We Can Help You Restructure Your Business and Attain Lending

In addition to resolving tax issues, the finance professionals at Clear Creek are qualified to guide you through the following business restructuring processes:

Business Restructuring

If, after close analysis, we believe that closing your business is the most cost effective way to eliminate your tax debt, Clear Creek consultants are trained to protect your business assets while pursuing this strategy. Through careful and prudent examination, restructuring could potentially save you thousands of dollars, if not more, in tax, penalties, and interest.


Once your particular funding need has been determined, our team of consultants will outline a refinancing strategy designed to maximize your business’s potential. Our contacts include commercial and residential lenders who specialize in turning equity into cash for tax liened businesses and individuals. In most cases, our clients find that uncovering equity that is being held captive by a government lien is a great way for reducing their tax obligations.

The reason is twofold. One, the interest rate that the banks charge on a refinanced property is almost certainly less than what the government is charging you with penalties and interest on your outstanding tax obligation even when you factor in the costs associated with the refinancing itself. Secondly, by refinancing, you are able to pay down a large chunk of your tax obligation in one transaction.

We also have access to hard money lenders, companies that will factor accounts receivable, and investors who are interested in assisting privately held companies such as yours, attain their business objectives. With Clear Creek on your side, you can reach your financial objectives.

Market Penetration

Through analysis geared toward attaining the best tax resolution for your business, Clear Creek Consultants come to know your business and your objectives intimately. Armed with in-depth financial modeling skills, and trained to identify marketing penetration strategies, Clear Creek Consultants can develop a powerful Business Plan designed to isolate your business’s strengths in order to attain greater market penetration and market share.