Installment Agreements are formal monthly payment plans negotiated with either the Internal Revenue Service or the State Taxing Authorities. With Clear Creek’s vast experience on your side, you can be assured that we will negotiate the lowest monthly payment amount possible or for terms that are stretched out for as long as allowable to meet your cash flow needs. Furthermore, as many of our clients have seasonal cash flow fluctuations, and you may too, we can negotiate similar payment arrangements which are based on your individual financial condition. These payment arrangements are referred to as Tiered Installment Agreements and are crafted in a conservative manner to meet your seasonal cash flow projections.

For other clients who wish to pay off the liability in the shortest time possible, we direct payment to the tax itself which for certain tax obligations is called the Trust Fund. For these clients, this approach reduces the liability in the quickest manner possible thereby eliminating more in penalty and interest accruals.

In essence, Clear Creek will take the time necessary to understand your unique financial condition and work to personalize a resolution that fits within your projected income and expense projections. Furthermore, your Clear Creek Associate will also be working tirelessly to reduce your penalties and interest as we finalize your payment terms.