Can’t Pay Your Taxes and Need Protection?

Clear Creek knows that in most instances if taxes could be paid in-full and on-time, there would be no need to be visiting our web site or researching our service offering. We know too, that there is a strong desire to reduce or fully eliminate accruing penalties and interest. Aside from the mounting penalties and interest that we specialize in reducing or eliminating, our first concern upon being hired is to protect your assets from seizure, and maintain this protection while we put a comprehensive resolution strategy in place to address the fact that your taxes may remain unpaid for the next several months. This being the case, we will craft a resolution strategy that is specifically tailored to your financial condition.

How will the IRS react if I can’t pay my taxes, but I can afford to hire Clear Creek?

We have protected and assisted hundreds of clients who have told us that their assigned government agent advised them not to hire a firm to assist them in this matter because they will ‘work with them.’ The truth is, you are simply a file cluttering their desk, and their boss is ordering your government contact to collect a past due tax in full and in the shortest period of time possible. Your government collections contact may ‘advise’ you of several things if it improves their chance of collecting past due taxes quicker and on their terms. Suggesting that you should not hire Clear Creek, a firm specializing in protecting business and individuals from government tax collections divisions, will increase their chances of collecting past-due taxes on their terms.

We would like to believe that the taxing authorities do work with some of their files. However, from experience, we have come to know that in most instances you are considered a delinquent taxpayer, and if you are not able to fulfill your tax obligations in a timely fashion, your assets will be subject to eventual seizure.

Once hired as your Power of Attorney, we will handle all negotiations and all correspondence so you can concentrate on your business and on your family’s needs. You will never have to explain why you exercised your rights, and hired a specialist to represent you in this most pressing financial issue. Furthermore, there will not be any negative recourse against you for hiring a professional. This is your right and we strongly suggest that you exercise it.