We Provide Asset Protection

Asset protection is characterized in two ways at Clear Creek. First and foremost, asset protection has to do with devising an appropriate strategy designed to protect your business or you personally from having liens placed against your assets, having assets seized, bank accounts levied or wages garnished by the IRS or the State Taxing Authorities. In the other sense, asset protection means creating a corporate structure to protect you from creditors or a legal matter that may arise as a result of a business related issue.

Asset Protection – Proactive Strategy

Our tax professionals and finance specialists will make sure that your asset protection plan is correctly designed and documented.

Asset protection is not about trying to hide from legitimate creditors. It’s about managing justifiable debts and protecting your assets by taking the appropriate steps now by planning for the future. Whether the formation of a trust, corporation, limited liability company, a limited partnership, or some other type of structure is going to be right for you, Clear Creek will suggest an asset protection strategy that is appropriate for your assets, and for your unique business situation.

Asset Protection – Defensive Strategy

At Clear Creek we believe that even though our clients may owe up to millions of dollars in past due taxes, our clients still have rights. And, it is within these laws that we fight for our clients because our experience has demonstrated that there is always a fair and equitable solution for collecting past due taxes.

We also know how debilitating it can be for an individual or for a business to address a liability with the long term goal of paying it off, when you or your business continues to have its bank accounts levied. Not knowing if you will have access to the money in your bank accounts makes it nearly impossible to manage your finances or perhaps meet payroll obligations or worse, stay in business.

If you or your business has experienced a levy or fear that this type of enforced collection may take place against you in the near future, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to protect your assets in advance of this taking place, by contacting a tax professional who is adept at protecting you in your time of need.

You are right to be concerned about keeping what you have earned, and the law provides ways for you to protect your assets from current and future creditors. Clear Creek will help you keep federal, state, and local tax authorities from seizing your business and your assets.

We deliver peace of mind, one client at a time

The approach that Clear Creek takes to protect you or your business is quite simple. We will not rest until we feel your assets are secure, and along the way, discuss with you, how our strategy with the goal of assisting you sleep at night is being executed. Furthermore, in the event that you are currently experiencing a form of asset seizure, the tax professionals at Clear Creek will fight tirelessly for your rights, and on your behalf until the seizure is reversed or the threat no longer exists.

With a proven expertise of how to protect our clients, we have proven over and over again that we are competent in the discipline of asset protection. Furthermore, as we move through the steps of recovering your assets, you will be advised of our progress every step of the way.

Another benefit of having Clear Creek on your side is that we will shield you from creditors and their harassing phone calls so you can concentrate on your business or not burden your family. We know how asset seizure can take a toll on your health as well as on your finances which is why Clear Creek puts its reputation on the line by committing ourselves to protecting your assets as though the assets belonged to us.