We Provide Penalty and Interest Relief

The fact that penalties and interest are increasing every day should be reason enough to immediately hire a qualified firm to represent you or your business for this mounting tax liability. Not acting today will certainly cost you more in the end. Furthermore, the longer a tax issue is not being proactively managed, the more likely the government will move to levy your bank accounts, and eventually move to put you out of business completely. Putting a stop to accruing additional penalties is foremost in our minds, however, it is imperative to act today so we can prevent a small issue from becoming an even more stressful situation in the months to come, and preserve your credit rating along the way.

We Remove Penalties and Interest

Depending on the type of tax, the penalties and interest can eventually add up to a significant amount of the overall liability. For most of our clients we remove the penalties and its associated interest from the liability by submitting a Penalty Abatement Narrative. By successfully submitting and negotiating several hundred Penalty Abatements over the years and saving our clients millions of dollars in penalties and interest, we have perfected several techniques that have proven over and over again that we know how to maximize reductions for our clients.

Once we have a firm grasp on what caused you to fall behind, we then begin to create the Penalty Abatement Narrative, and discuss the specifics with our Chief IRS Liaison Officer to isolate a strategy that will maximize your savings. Depending on the specifics of the case, we then bolster our argument for penalty and associated interest relief by citing other past cases in which the government has reduced these ‘punitive fees’ for delinquent taxpayers. With this knowledge we then determine with which department we will negotiate, and if possible with whom. We have proven that our strategies work.

Furthermore, even if you have paid your tax including penalties and interest in full, you should still consider Clear Creek for removing and returning to you, the penalties and interest you have accrued and paid. That is right! Even if penalties and interest have been paid, Clear Creek can get these payments reversed and put back into your account.

Can Clear Creek help me recover penalties and interest that have already been paid in full?

Yes! When our clients learn that Clear Creek is skilled in reducing or eliminating penalties and interest that you may have already paid, they are skeptical until we prove them wrong. That’s right! Clear Creek is skilled at getting money that has been paid to the taxing authorities, back to our clients. With our time tested and proven techniques, we can accomplish this for you, too. Furthermore, under our management, we can put a stop to new penalties accruing.